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Cheyenne’s Tree Inventory

The Cheyenne Urban Forestry Division recently had a tree inventory done in our larger parks, including Lions and Holiday. Plan-it Geo from Arvada, CO inventoried over 5,000 city-owned trees and converted another 8,000 previously inventoried street trees into a GIS-based tree inventory system called Tree Plotter. We also purchased a subscription to the Tree Plotter system so we could do our own inventorying as well. Currently we are inventorying City parks and the downtown district.

The Tree Plotter system is web-based so it's accessible on any internet-enabled device and utilizes several aerial imagery sources. The inventory system is easy to use and has proven to be an excellent management tool for compiling tree data and prioritizing tree care activities. Forestry staff have assisted with tree inventory duties using a tablet and have the ability to update tree status and management activities after they complete a task in the field, such as pruning or planting. These features keep the inventory up-to-date and gives us a real time picture of our tree population.

We invite you to learn more about Cheyenne's diverse tree population by logging into our tree inventory here and test driving the Tree Plotter program for yourself.